Touchmark at All Saints

Touchmark at All Saints

The Touchmark At All Saints project was very unique in that this new construction is also connected to a 120 year old historical building that at one time was a boarding school for girls that included a church and housing for the priests. This combination created an intricate mix of many building products and designs for this project. The building frame work consisted of wood framing mixed with steel I beams through out. Oversized lumber and sill plates, designed for earthquakes and the floor above the garage is a post tension concrete deck. The floor over the east mechanical room is a 12” thick concrete and also included is a tension tie down system that runs continuously from the 1st floor to the roof in many locations. Exterior cladding consists of hardie panel and stone and the stone matches the historical portion of the existing building to flow seamlessly together.

20,200 sf for the 1 story Memory Care units, 32 units including 2 HC lift chair tubs, 2 kitchens & 2 dining rooms
10,820 sf for the parking garage
76,400 sf for the 3 story Independent Living units, 60 units
14,700 sf for the health & fitness center including the pool, exercise, aerobics, hair salon, office and meeting rooms.

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