Inspired Living at Lewisville

Inspired Living at Lewisville is an Assisted Living / Memory Care facility located in Lewisville, TX. The facility has a 3 story wing (Assisted Living) and a 1 story wing (Memory Care) located on a 14 acre property.

The Assisted Living portion of the facility is made up of 106 resident rooms. These units are built in many different layouts such as studios, alcoves, 1 bedroom and 2 bedrooms. Also located inside the Assisted Living wing is a Poker Room, Pool Hall, Fireplace Lounge, Arts and Crafts Room, Business Center, Library, Inspiration Lounge, Billiards Room, Fresh Country Kitchen, Piano Balcony, Fitness Room, 5 Residential Laundry Rooms, Coffee Bar, Dining area(s), Private Dining area Salon and many other amenities inside. The Assisted Living guests have many options for outdoor activities such as a Screen Room, Swimming Pool, Tiki Bar, Fishing Pier, Gazebo, Dog Park and a Putting Greens along with a Fire pit water fountain to sit around on Stone benches.

The Memory care portion of the facility is made up of 43 Resident Rooms. These units are built in 3 different styles of studio layouts. Also located in the Memory Care wing is a large Fish Aquarium with an Oceanic Mural wall called the Sea Life Lounge with a dining / TV area, Fresh Country Kitchen, 2 Dining Area(s) with 1 Private Dining Area, 3 Screen Rooms, large Activities Room, Veteran Memorial area to show appreciation of the veterans that are staying in the facility, 2 Residential Laundry Rooms and a Salon. The Memory Care guests have multiple options for outdoor activities located inside a secured gated courtyard with a Walking Trail, Gazebo and pergola with a brick paver walking path with benches under it, the MC Courtyard also has its own Putting Green as well.

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