Grand Falls Casino Resort

An Amazing 11 Month Start to Completion!

This project was constructed on a remote agricultural site just outside Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The overall $120 Million dollar project was started in July 2010 and was opened just 11 months later on June 9, 2011. This 274,000 SO facility includes a Las Vegas style Casino, a 100 room luxury hotel, convention center, several restaurants, show lounge, luxury spa, indoor and outdoor pools and the name sake Grand Falls waterfall feature.

We served our client as both Construction Manager and Owner’s Representative. Sixty Two bid packages were configured to maximize bidder interest and match up with the market forces available. Breaking such a large project down in this way assured maximum interest from smaller more competitive contractors and at the same time hit perfect windows of opportunity for larger firms that could get in and get out quickly and still meet their other commitments. This created extremely favorable value to for our client.

The project was constructed using one of the largest earth coupled geothermal systems in the US with over 100 miles of piping in the ground. An energy efficient air displacement system was used to create a smoker friendly air quality environment for all guests. We worked on a daily basis with the Owner’s design team to jointly develop a design that could meet the program goals, project budget, and schedule mandates established. In spite of a severe South Dakota winter, the project opened nearly three month early and came in substantially under budget.

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