DMACC Iowa Culinary Institute

DMACC Iowa Culinary Institute

The DMACC ICI project consisted of a renovation and two new additions on the south and north side of the existing building. The North side of the existing building has been added to house the new million dollar mechanical/equipment systems and this structure consists of precast and steel joist. The south addition was added to provide additional classroom, office/conference room space, and an indoor common space to accommodate large-scale events; this building structure consists of structural steel, metals studs, and closed-cell spray foam insulation. The exterior of this addition was finished with curtain wall and wrapped with an exterior metal rain screen system that provides a beautiful, modern look. The modern look continues into the interior of the addition with custom made wine crate walls made out of knocked down wine crates and a sleek wood walnut wall highlighted with an intricate light system creating a corridor to the Lakeview dining room. The lower ceiling were designed using a metal ceiling system that gives the appearance as if it is continuing to the exterior soffits of the building. The lights were spread out in the upper drywall clouds to simulates a starry appearance. The two addition took the building to an overall 34,000 sqft. and gave the client a very modern look to an existing building and providing more space for operations and events.

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