Baxter Sports Complex

The 40 acre site located in Fort Madison, Iowa hosts 3 state of the art Baseball diamonds that feature a 60ft, 70ft, or 80ft baseline. Black vinyl fencing with a wind screen at the home run fence line, with the option of a temp fence set closer to the base line for little league play. Also, a top of the line netting system has been put in place behind home plate that goes in front of the spectator bleachers for full, unobstructed viewing of the playing field. The native soil outfield has a fully functional drain tile system to eliminate any long delays caused by the elements and a fully functional irrigation system. A beautiful red crushed granite warning track boarders the outfield with an imported infield mix used in many major league venues. The fields have CMU block dugouts with a red metal roofs and there are including a CMU padded backstops behind each home plate. All 3 fields are equipped with Musco lighting to allow play into the evening hours.

Baxter Sports Complex also features 3 full size soccer fields with 1 additional half size for use as a warm up area. All fields have a fully functional irrigation system that also includes working drain tile. All of the fields have portable electronic scoreboards, with the exception of the championship field that has a permanent scoreboard, and also includes Musco lighting for play at night.

Located in the center of the complex is a playground for children and a first class Concession Building with a full commercial kitchen. The unique design of the building allows overhead glass doors to be opened and allow the outdoor seating to become one with the indoor seating making an enjoyable experience for the players and non-players in attendance. The building’s bathroom facilities include mens, womens, and a family area with a locker room for the referees. There is also a separate maintenance shed and full exterior fencing of the entire complex.

Future expansion will include a full size football field located at the South area of the complex. Sand Volley ball courts and additional walkways to include individual family picnic areas.

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