Avanti Senior Living at Augusta Pines

Avanti Senior Living at Augusta Pines is an Assisted Living/Memory Care facility located in Spring, TX. The facility is 1 story 75,000 FT. building footprint sitting on a 6 acre property housing (50) Assisted Living units and (40) Memory Care units.

This facility is a boutique senior living community that brings an artsy vision to seniors in Houston enabling them to follow their passions, explore new interests, and enjoy everyday living. This project consist of very high end and elaborate finishes throughout the entire facility from the exterior to the interior.

Visitors, residents and team members get to enjoy the many amenities throughout the community which include (2) dining areas, wine bar and lounge, many open living areas with seating for social interactions, a library for reading or quiet conversations, theatre areas for watching sports or movies, an art room, (2) salons that are equipped with a hair and nail station and a massage room. Walking through the facility you will find high end finishes including modern day furniture, art, light fixtures, and textiles that vary from space to space, adding color, depth and texture.

Here at this facility you will find five separate courtyards, each with a different theme that serves as additional spaces for dining, social interactions and walking routes for navigating the community. Cutting-edge technology is a key component of the design as well. Avanti uses RFID keyless entries for residents to enter and exit their suites without worrying about carrying their keys.

The extension of the community that serves memory care residents includes all the same amenities as the AL side. Throughout the MS side you will find sensory handrails with built-in grooves for residents’ fingertips to trace for navigation throughout.

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