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40 energy-efficient units, community amenities, prioritizes sustainability and complies with Illinois energy grants.
Crane Meadows Apartments boasts eight expansive buildings encompassing a total of 31,000 square feet, complemented by a luxurious 3,700-square-foot clubhouse.
Completed in Quincy, Illinois.
Baxter Construction completed this project in Quincy, Illinois.
Baxter Construction transformed a 9-acre site with 70-unit modern housing, featuring eco-friendly systems. Completed ahead of schedule, $13 million budget.
Constructed in 1903, this notable building was carefully restored in 2005, showcasing 33 apartments blending historical features with modern amenities.
Douglass Square: 9-acre residential community near downtown Champaign with pedestrian streets, traditional designs, and eco-friendly features.
Car Dealership
This project prioritized sustainability, energy affordability, and complied with IHDA, Davis Bacon, and Illinois DECO regulations, using all Union labor.
Illinois Housing & Development Authority project achieved 281 points using efficient products like Solar Pre-Heat Water Systems. LCSMC Wetlands Management Project focused on native wetland restoration and stormwater management.

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