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Joe Bakke

Joe Bakke

Project Manager

Introducing Joe Bakke, also known as the “Minister of Culture” at Baxter Construction. With a passion for fostering a vibrant and cohesive workplace environment, Joe plays a pivotal role in staff development initiatives. He leads by example, providing training, conducting performance evaluations, and offering unwavering support for career advancement. Joe is the driving force behind standardization efforts, ensuring that programs and processes are implemented effectively across sites and staff. His operational expertise shines through project visits and providing support for new program rollouts. Joe is instrumental in recruitment efforts, sourcing talent from college career fairs and conducting interviews with experienced candidates. He takes pride in developing the next generation of talent through the college internship program, overseeing interviews, offers, and onboarding processes. As the architect of mentorship programs like the Baxter Buddy initiative, Joe is committed to nurturing a supportive and collaborative workplace culture. In addition to his leadership roles, Joe is a passionate advocate for company values and core focus, embodying the spirit of continuous improvement and positivity at Baxter Construction.

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