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Jeremy Butts

Jeremy Butts

VP of Pre-Construction

With three decades of hands-on construction experience, Jeremy Butts expertly transforms project visions from mere ideas to tangible constructions, always emphasizing attention to detail and nurturing relationships. Jeremy earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Management from the University of Northern Iowa. His deep-seated construction knowledge plays a pivotal role in feasibility and constructability reviews, coupled with his strategic resourcing prowess and value analysis methodologies throughout the pre-construction and project development stages.

Having honed his skills through extensive field trade work, Jeremy progressed to shine as an onsite Project Superintendent, later ascending to roles such as Sr. Project Manager/Executive, among other leadership positions in his illustrious construction journey. Jeremy’s engagement with projects is profound; he’s passionately committed to their success. Beyond just project milestones, Jeremy’s legacy lies in nurturing talent, as he remains a revered collaborator, leader, and mentor in the construction industry.

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