Baxter Leadership

George Rashid

Director of Operations

George holds the position of Director of Operations at Baxter Construction. He meticulously oversees all facets of daily operations, collaborating seamlessly with team members to prioritize client service, strategic planning, efficient scheduling, and impeccable quality control. His portfolio of responsibilities also encompasses staff assignments, crafting project plans, in-depth cost and schedule analyses, and spearheading employee training initiatives.

Holding a Construction Management Degree from ITT Tech, George’s journey with Baxter Construction began during his high school years, initially washing trucks. His dedication saw him ascend to a traveling laborer, where he was entrusted with crucial tasks like site cleanup, initial job site setups — including fencing and trailer placements — and constructing and upkeeping temporary enclosures.

Since his graduation in 2012, George has donned several hats within the company, from field operations to roles such as Project Engineer and Project Manager. Throughout these positions, he’s been at the helm of diverse projects spanning sectors like Automotive, Hospitality, Education, and Senior Living, underscoring his versatility and expansive expertise.

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