Precision in Property Investment Management

Baxter has been at the forefront of real estate investment management, consistently generating value through innovative strategies.

Our distinct advantage stems from a holistic approach, blending sophisticated trend analysis, unparalleled local market insights, and extensive operational expertise. This unique combination empowers us to swiftly seize opportunities and maximize the potential of every aspect of real estate, ultimately delivering the highest possible value for our investors.


Asset Class Experience

Property Type • Square Footage

  • Office351M+
  • Industrial & Logistics • 160M+
  • Living & Housing92M+
  • Retail33M+
  • Niche7.7M+

Navigating Your Real Estate Investments, Guiding Your Success

Our extensive network of real estate experts are active nationally. These local connections, cultivated over decades, grant us an exceptional advantage, enhancing our access to a wealth of exciting opportunities.

We’re more than just fund allocators. As an investment manager and on-the-ground local operator, we engage in hands-on execution of our real estate strategies, providing us with greater control over the outcomes.

We align ourselves closely with our partners by co-investing, paving the way for shared success. Our employee compensation model is intricately tied to this alignment, ensuring that our prosperity is intrinsically linked to yours. We thrive when you do.

With decades of hands-on experience, we have proficiency in development and management, surpassing industry standards. This acumen empowers us to make informed decisions, driving value creation and income maximization.

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