Employee of the Quarter!

“I am so proud to have a partner like Dennis in our organization and I believe the entire company will agree that Dennis’ smile and positive attitude brighten up even the worst days.” -Tony Baxter, President

Dennis Faivre is a vital part of what makes Baxter Construction Company so successful. As the Manager of Preconstruction he is the key component to successfully planning, coordinating, and controlling a project from its inception to completion. Dennis works closely with the owner and the design team to ensure that projects are on the right path to an efficient and quality finished product. He was nominated and chosen for this award for many reasons including his unrelenting positive attitude, his kind and helping manner, his immense ability to effectively manage many projects at one time, his intelligence and his hard working and infallible personality. Dennis represents much of what Baxter Construction’s core values are made of and his dedication and loyalty is not easily matched.

Dennis graduated from Bradley University in 2009 with a Bachelors degree in Construction Management and joined Baxter Construction soon thereafter; first as a Project Administrator/Engineer then quickly moving up the ranks to the Manager of Preconstruction at the Des Moines office location. “When I had first met Dennis and learned he was a Bradley University graduate I knew right from the start he would be one of the ‘Best of the Best’ as Bradley is where my father Frank also graduated from”, stated Tony Baxter “Dennis has more than proven to truly be among the ‘Best of the Best’ you just do not get more solid than him”. As a member of Baxter Construction’s Leadership Team Dennis’ honest and upfront comments, concerns, and views are highly sought after. “No matter how much you put on his table you can always count on the honestly and accuracy of his work. I have so much trust in Dennis and confidence in what he tells me, he is very rare. I know that everyday he serves the best interest of the company and has my back always.”

Because of his dedication, vision and great work the company is kept moving forward in the right direction. Dennis characterizes Baxter’s mission and vision through his team work, positive approach, and leadership by his actions and examples. Baxter Construction is incredibly proud to call Dennis Faivre ‘Employee of the Quarter’ and we truly cannot put into words the amount of appreciation for all that he does!

Employee of the Quarter!

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