11th Annual GIVE Foundation Charity Tournament

Baxter Construction Company is proud to again sponsor and partake in the 11th annual GIVE Foundation Charity Golf Tournament in Riverside, Iowa. “GIVE is a charity very dear to me as my own Father, a veteran of the Korean War, and I have spent priceless time together on the greens”, stated Tony Baxter. “The GIVE foundation operates with a higher purpose and that purpose is surrounded by people who share a passionate commitment to the success of the program. Great things have happened and continue to happen for the positive impact of our Veterans through GIVE and we are honored to be a part of that.”

Funded entirely by donations GIVE, Golf for Injured Veterans Everywhere, is a program and partnership of the Iowa VA Healthcare System of Iowa City, member professionals of the Iowa PGA Section, and the host Riverside Casino & Golf Resort. GIVE has served more than 500 men and women veterans, spanning service from World War II through Afghanistan; through a specialize golf curriculum that has formed a bond among families and both PGA Professionals alike. The focus of the program is to support and improve the lives of all veterans receiving rehabilitative care within the state of Iowa. To learn more about this charity or to donate please visit: https://giveforveterans.com 

11th Annual GIVE Foundation Charity Tournament

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