“There are two important things I learned from my father. First, is quality in workmanship. The second is commitment; that your handshake is your bond to providing the services that you agreed to." -Tony Baxter


K.D. Baxter Construction was established in 1945 by Kenneth David Baxter in Carthage Illinois. Self taught; K.D. learned the trade on his own, having a talent for construction work. He started as an average handy man in 1930 during the Depression and as a general contractor he did it all; poured concrete and framed walls to the plumbing and electrical work. One of K.D’s personal favorite buildings was the town’s bowling alley, which was the first in the county. He also never held a paper contract for work; his handshake and good word were enough for a deal. K.D. and his wife Zelda had four children; Darrel, Franklin, Diane and Janice. His son Frank began working with him at the age of 13; thus beginning a family business.


“Construction was our lives and I was taught by example from my father; an important lesson I learned from him was to never chew out a foreman or worker of yours in front of the other men, have your conversation in private otherwise the men working will lose respect for you and that man”

Frank Baxter moved from Carthage to Fort Madison Iowa in 1957 and in that year he began Frank Baxter General Contractor. A graduate from Bradley University, Frank’s business started strictly as home remodeling; then grew into building homes and some light commercial work; with his handshake still holding bond as the contract. Frank’s reputation for quality soon became undisputable in his work and with that he established a loyal clientele base in Southeast Iowa. Frank and his wife Mary Ann have three children; Tony, Michael, and Mary. His eldest son Tony received his start in construction like his father, at very young age, “He had been on jobsites since he was five years old with me and his grandfather” commented Frank, “there was never a dull moment with Tony on the job, when he began working for me it felt like a family tradition had begun.”


“There are two important things I learned from my father. First, is quality in workmanship. The second is commitment; that your handshake is your bond to providing the services that you agreed to.”

Tony Baxter took over the family business when his father Frank retired in 1996. At that point the company had strong ties with light commercial and residential work. The company then grew into all forms of commercial work and has remained in the industry since. In 2003 the company added a Construction Management branch which became Baxter Construction Company, LLC. Tony began branding the company; building on his father’s accreditation for quality and using his handshake for his word. He received his first company milestone in 2004 with the building of the Shottenkirk Superstore Auto Dealership. “The 55,000 square foot facility really showcased our abilities”, commented Tony, “and we have been building with Shottenkirk ever since”. Another important turning point for Baxter Construction Company was in 2007 with the completion of the Riverside Casino and Golf Resort. This $150 million dollar project further established the Company’s reputation for excellence and set the pace for future projects. Tony and wife Cindy have three children; Marissa, Michael, and Kayla.


“Two crucial traits my Father and Grandfather have taught me over the years are; to always own the interests of our client and base every decision on if he/she will benefit and to honor your word, not just in construction but life itself; your word is your contract and if a man does not have that then what good is he.”

Michael joined the family business in 2009, beginning the 4th generation of work and continuing on the time-honored family tradition of quality work and honoring client worth. The Baxter family has proved that a handshake in business still exists from generation to generation.